My name is David Goddard and I'm a photographer. Whether I’m working with people, places, or things - I want to connect and create something authentic. I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY.  Please email me ( see bottom of page ) for current rates and availability. 

Current Project:

Mental Health Awareness  :  focusing on men and mental health.


Here are some things I like: 

  • Coffee (let’s get some)
  • Black and White (classic)
  • Makeup (I do the makeup for most of my shoots)
  • Music (ask me about it)
  • Movies (ask me about it)
  • Painting (let’s go to the Met)
  • Being Active (I’m running while typing this)

Here are some clients:

Brooklyn Industries, New York Times, MISSBISH, Ouidad, IDEO, Cinetic Media, The United Nations, Caspian Agency, Neo Fifth Crossfit, YPlan, Chanel, Guess Magazine, Foxy Loxy Cafe, Brobot Records, Bridger Conway, RHINOCO Fitness, Prohibition Bakery



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