“Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy night!”  

-Bette Davis as Margo Channing in All About Eve, 1950

Bette Davis is simply one of the greatest actresses of all time. Her style, voice, and energy are unmistakeable. In All About Eve, Bette Davis is transcendent. The film itself is incredibly modern and deals with everything from the ruthlessness of the entertainment industry to the complexities of close friendships and romantic relationships. Bette carries the film effortlessly, completely embodying the aging actress Margot Channing. Margot befriends  a seemingly harmless fan turned overly eager wannabe actress and the drama there ensues. The film holds up, largely because of Bette’s performance. It’s dramatic, but believable- totally engrossing, and ultimately relatable. You get the sense that Bette herself is somewhere muddled up in Margot and that gives the performance an added layer of excitement. Pulling no doubt from her own experiences with the film industry, her age, the expectations for her as a woman, friend, mother. etc.- Bette is explosive. She is one of the greats- something that never was before and will never be again. The woman in the photo is my friend and big eyed beauty Maddy Grabyel. 

MOVEMBER'S END by David Goddard

On this day, November the 30th, 2016- I have found myself at razor's edge. Tomorrow, many things will happen. It will be Thursday- all day, according to the weather app on my phone there will be sun, and as always- I will pay rent. The thing that is the biggest thing, is that Movember will come to an end. I have been growing and growing and showing and showing for the entire month photographing the goings on of my upper lip. It has been a fun challenge and hopefully the images have been fun and have raised some sort of awareness about a cause that is far more important that funny photos, instagram likes, or mustache growth. Preserving mental health is essential to the continued advancement of everyone. You can still donate to the Movember foundation by clicking here: http://mobro.co/dssgoddard and you can still walk around with a happy stache- if you have one and even if you don't- a stache is a state of mind. Happy Movember- until next year.


-David's Mustache.


“I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves.”

-Marilyn Monroe

One of the most fascinating people to ever grace the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe continues to make platinum blonde waves. So much could be said about Marilyn, but as an actress she is underrated. Besides her physical beauty and undeniable sex appeal- she's hilarious. In 1953’s How to Marry a Millionaire- Marilyn plays gold digger Pola Debevoise. For nearly the entire film, she foregoes the glasses she desperately needs because “men aren’t attentive to girls who wear glasses.” The performance is endearing and nuanced and by the end of the film Pola finds her match in a man who is similarly site challenged. The two meet on a flight that Pola was never meant to be on, after she misreads the flight information do to her near blindness. In the classic filmGentleman Prefer Blondes (also 1953)- Marilyn spends most of the movie pulling from her usual bag of tricks as the dim blonde bombshell with a thirst for diamonds, Lorelei Lee. By the end of the film however and after a series of memorable musical numbers- including the iconic, “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend,” Marilyn gives a fantastic little monologue comparing rich men to pretty women and asks, "you wouldn't marry a girl just because she's pretty, but my goodness doesn't it help?” 

The legend of Marilyn Monroe grows as the mysteries of her life are blurred by the passing of time. Like so many people in this series- Marilyn's personal life was far more dramatic than the roles she played on screen. Alleged affairs and troubled marriages remain the subject of debates among historians and fans alike. Something not up for debate however is the mark Marilyn has made. From her appearance to her dalliances and through her trials and triumphs- Marilyn burns like a fire- mesmerizing, untouchable, and seemingly inextinguishable. The woman in the photo is my friend Blake Shutterly. 

MOVEMBER PORTRAIT 2 by David Goddard

Should this be the cover of my debut album-recorded in an exclusive cabin in the depths of Yosemite park- surrounded by Ansel Adams prints OR the campaign image for my new line of artisanal whiskey scented candles- sold exclusively on blimps? Please let me know if the comments! Additionally I'm 3 weeks into Movember and this is what it looks like- glamour. Men's mental health awareness is what this is about. "Toughing it out" is some bullshit and hopefully this little picture & this little stache will add up to a small contribution that helps a big cause. If you're into knowing more check outhttp://mobro.co/dssgoddard to see what you can do to volunteer as tribute. HAPPY MONDAY.

MOVEMBER by David Goddard

Why yes- that is hair on my upper lip. It's been about 2 weeks of mo grow and I'm into it. I'm even more into the whole bit about raising awareness for men's mental health ( and really mental health in general ) so if your into that situation ( you should be ) check out this link http://mobro.co/dssgoddard and learn a lil more about this lil diddy called Movember.


This project was born from a life long fascination with Old Hollywood and the stars that defined it. Through photographing my friends as icons of another era, I am attempting to connect with the screen stars of the past and to explore my nostalgia for a time I was never a part of. Looking to the work of photographers like George Hurrell, Sam Shaw, and Phil Stern, these photographs are my impressions. They are meant to be viewed as publicity images that were never used, outtakes from an iconic photo session, or as a complete manifestation of how I see each star.

The first image in this series and the image that has set the tone for this project is of my friend Patricia Garcia as Ingrid Bergman. I had photographed Patricia multiple times before, but as I shot with her for my OR.I.GIN coffee project, something about her appearance reminded me of Ingrid. I shared my idea with Patricia and one night in Brooklyn, we put on the soundtrack to Casablanca, I did her makeup, we found the clothes- straight from her closet, and we went to Morocco.

From this first shoot and with every shoot since there has been a moment. The moment comes while looking through the view finder of my camera, before I catch my focus. When the image is a bit fuzzy and my subject is settling into their persona, for a brief moment I feel as though I have traveled back in time.

This is the moment I am chasing.  

This project is ongoing and in full swing. Here are the images so far- many more to come!