On this day, November the 30th, 2016- I have found myself at razor's edge. Tomorrow, many things will happen. It will be Thursday- all day, according to the weather app on my phone there will be sun, and as always- I will pay rent. The thing that is the biggest thing, is that Movember will come to an end. I have been growing and growing and showing and showing for the entire month photographing the goings on of my upper lip. It has been a fun challenge and hopefully the images have been fun and have raised some sort of awareness about a cause that is far more important that funny photos, instagram likes, or mustache growth. Preserving mental health is essential to the continued advancement of everyone. You can still donate to the Movember foundation by clicking here: and you can still walk around with a happy stache- if you have one and even if you don't- a stache is a state of mind. Happy Movember- until next year.


-David's Mustache.


Should this be the cover of my debut album-recorded in an exclusive cabin in the depths of Yosemite park- surrounded by Ansel Adams prints OR the campaign image for my new line of artisanal whiskey scented candles- sold exclusively on blimps? Please let me know if the comments! Additionally I'm 3 weeks into Movember and this is what it looks like- glamour. Men's mental health awareness is what this is about. "Toughing it out" is some bullshit and hopefully this little picture & this little stache will add up to a small contribution that helps a big cause. If you're into knowing more check out to see what you can do to volunteer as tribute. HAPPY MONDAY.


Why yes- that is hair on my upper lip. It's been about 2 weeks of mo grow and I'm into it. I'm even more into the whole bit about raising awareness for men's mental health ( and really mental health in general ) so if your into that situation ( you should be ) check out this link and learn a lil more about this lil diddy called Movember.