Should this be the cover of my debut album-recorded in an exclusive cabin in the depths of Yosemite park- surrounded by Ansel Adams prints OR the campaign image for my new line of artisanal whiskey scented candles- sold exclusively on blimps? Please let me know if the comments! Additionally I'm 3 weeks into Movember and this is what it looks like- glamour. Men's mental health awareness is what this is about. "Toughing it out" is some bullshit and hopefully this little picture & this little stache will add up to a small contribution that helps a big cause. If you're into knowing more check out to see what you can do to volunteer as tribute. HAPPY MONDAY.

Chelsea Cardwell

Chelsea Cardwell is an up and coming actress based out of Atlanta.  She has been on Showtime's Emmy Award Winning show Homeland and will be featured in True Blood creator Alan Ball's upcoming Cinemax show Banshee.... BAM!

Check out a teaser for Banshee HERE.

Follow Chelsea on Twitter and learn more about her upcoming projects HERE.

Actress Chelsea Cardwell photographed by me, in her Georgia home.