Blogs, Bullshit, and being a Working Artist

I've "run a blog" off and on, mostly off on my website since I created this online space back in college. I have a lot of feelings- like that girl in Mean Girls and I have a lot of feelings and questions- in particularly about "art." I like the appealing idea of having a space to express my self outside of my photographs and to explore / discuss the complexities of this amazing medium with words that people can read and hopefully respond to. I'm going to start my blog up again, for a limited run (get your tickets, mark your fucking calendars) and see if I can commit myself to a select amount of "articles" and see what happens.

Things I want to discuss: retouching, process, the struggle between art & commerce, inspiration, talent, hard work, and some human interest interests, including- but not limited to : beauty ideals, gender, sexuality, adulthood, etc.

SO if you are interested in this- follow along, share, and interact with what I hope will be a conversational adventure into my thoughts about my work and the work of being an artist and a person. 

photo by  Corban Harper


Why yes- that is hair on my upper lip. It's been about 2 weeks of mo grow and I'm into it. I'm even more into the whole bit about raising awareness for men's mental health ( and really mental health in general ) so if your into that situation ( you should be ) check out this link and learn a lil more about this lil diddy called Movember.